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In keeping with a tradition of ultimate control, SimCity Societies enables you to build an entire city and fill it with people. This time, you choose the building types, societal values, environment and more by applying a blend of realistic and fantastical features. It's up to you how your city will look, run and feel. Will your town be famous for its fun candy factories and Ferris wheels? Will pollution dominate the landscape? What values will its inhabitants cherish? Making these choices is almost as exciting as watching your city grow and change.

Choose from more than 350 building types and begin by constructing the dwellings and skyscrapers in which your Sims will work and live. Based on a new Sims feature called social energies, the way you combine buildings will cause them to produce or consume resources, such as obedience, knowledge, devotion and others. Base your buildings' designs on architectural periods, give them futuristic details and apply other concepts to build the city of your dreams. Once the buildings are completed, fill them with more than 500 unique objects. You can also add parks and leisure areas to the landscape, or leave them out you decide! Your newly created city will continue to evolve based on the values you instill in its citizens, so plan accordingly. Can you handle the responsibility and power of being the master of all you create?


  • Building block tool kit enables you to combine and connect elements with almost limitless possibilities
  • Decide on the main mood of your city: contemporary vs. futuristic, rural vs. urban, environmentally conscious vs. polluted and more
  • Determine what societal values your city's people will hold dear: productivity, prosperity, creativity, spirituality, authority and knowledge
  • Fill your city with homes, workplaces, leisure-time venues and parks; build as many or as few as you see fit
  • Modify Sims' names, buildings, textures, statistics, behaviors and many other facets to make your city completely your own
  • Construct fanciful items that you can't find in real life, such as gingerbread houses
  • Unlock new items that can cause your city to advance or regress

System Requirements:

  • PC Processor Type:  Intel Pentium processor
  • PC Processor Speed:  166MHz
  • PC Operating System:  Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • PC System Memory:  32MB RAM
  • PC Hard Drive Space:  230MB
  • PC Video:  2MB DirectDraw-compatible video card
  • PC Sound Card:  DirectX 6.0-compatible sound card
  • PC Drive Type and Speed:  DVD-ROM 4x

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