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Build a lively, bustling medieval town in The Settlers: Rise of an Empire. In this richly detailed, realistic world, you must create an expansive empire from scratch in an attempt to rule the entire nation. You'll have extensive control over choosing people, gathering resources, managing the food supply and more. Satisfy the needs of the settlers who will help you build your empire, or you won't have anything left to rule. From changing weather conditions to the repetitive tasks of daily life, your world becomes uniquely your own and more true to life than you ever thought possible. See if you can keep your people happy and win their support in your efforts to become a legendary ruler.

Put plenty of thought into designing and building your town, so it can grow and prosper. For example, you must decide whether to use the sawmill to construct buildings or goods; each choice has both positive and negative consequences for your village's future. Entertain the settlers by hiring traveling performers and organizing a fair. Keep an eye on your resources, such as the supply of trees used for building and the number of wild animals for food, to ensure everyone's survival. Assign troops that will identify and thwart enemies that threaten your livelihood. Establish an empire that encompasses entire continents in Campaign mode, which requires you to pick the right combination of knights to accomplish missions. Test your skill in Freeplay mode, settling more and more territory at your own pace. Expand your domain via single-player or online multiplayer gameplay.

Key Features:

Create big, bustling medieval cities: Plot your expansion, manage your resources wisely and provide for your people. The Settlers Rise of an Empire offers gameplay that is easy to pick up and allows everybody from beginners to strategy experts to enjoy the game.

Protect your citizens and your empire: Build up armies, vehicles and walls to protect your empire. Everything depends on your economy: Is your empire wealthy enough to supply a powerful defense force?

Exciting multiplayer experience: Work cooperatively with a friend and play against another team: Will your division of labor be efficient enough to beat your opponent?

A full living, detailed atmosphere: The RenderWare engine creates an extremely detailed universe with numerous plants, animals and other details that bring the environment to life in rich detail.

Four climatic zones: The four climatic zones and four seasons have full impact on resource management and gameplay.
Natural interaction of Settlers: Every Settler has his or her own daily life and interacts naturally with others.

System Requirements:

  • PC Processor Type Intel Pentium 4 processor, AMD Athlon XPô processor
  • PC Processor Speed 1.8GHz
  • PC Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • PC System Memory 512MB RAM
  • PC Video 64MB DirectX 9.0c-compatible ATI RADEON 9500 or NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti video card with Vertex Shader 1.1 and Pixel Shader 1.3 support
  • PC Additional Requirements Internet service required to access online features

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